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Somerville National Leasing is able to provide services for small and large fleets with flexible lease programs tailored to each of our client’s unique needs. Somerville also has manufacturer fleet pricing, with some of the lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs available in the GTA, along with access to a large network of fleet focused dealers. With Somerville National Leasing's history in the industry, and strong dealer relationships, you can capitalize on our volume purchasing power.

We are one of Canada’s largest independent leasing companies and we are not tied to one manufacturer, make, or model so you have more choices than ever. Our experienced account managers are licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry council (OMVIC) and will help you make informed decisions on your next lease. With so much flexibility you can compare makes, models, warranties, standard equipment, safety items, mechanical specs, and dimensions and tailor the perfect vehicle based on your company's needs, application, cost and resale value.

The cost of running a business is high and cost savings is of huge importance. Commercial vehicle are a depreciating asset as they quickly become outdated, and lose value the moment you drive off the lot. Save more with a commercial lease from Somerville Auto and reap the rewards of lower monthly payments, tax savings and customized lease agreements while still enjoying the newest equipment. You can even trade-up in the middle of your agreement or purchase your vehicle at the end of your term! Don’t tie up your capital in a depreciating asset – use cash flow to help grow your business.

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