Need Credit Help?

Find out how you can obtain an auto loan and fix your credit score at the same time

No matter what your credit score, personal transportation is likely essential to your daily life. While you may have been turned down for an auto loan in the past, Somerville Auto can help you find a lease or financing program that works for you. Our financing experts are here to help you find the right auto loan for your needs. Give us a call at 1 (877) 503-5102 or fill out our contact form for more info!

Get Approved For a Car Loan With Bad Credit

Bad credit can happen to anyone. With the help of our professional financing department you can find an affordable auto loan or lease that meets your needs despite your past credit experience. Before beginning the process, it’s best to have a firm understanding of your credit rating. Make sure that your credit report isn’t reporting any outstanding payments before applying for your loan, understand your credit score and come prepared to speak with our professional staff. When car shopping with bad credit, there are options available outside of traditional terms that may work best for you. Start down the road to approval and apply for a lease or financing plan with Somerville Auto. Use our online application to get started today or contact our financial advisors at 1 (877) 503-5102 for advice on how to get a car loan with bad credit!


Improve Your Credit With an Auto Loan

Bad credit doesn’t have to last forever. You can use regular and full payments on your auto loan to help increase your credit rating and reaffirm your relationship with lenders. Credit is about more than credit cards. Having a selection of diverse payments is a positive step towards repairing your credit including utility bills, credit card bills and car payments. Keeping up with all of these payments is the best way to help rebuild your credit, but not all lenders report payments to the credit bureau; car payments are a reliable and trusted way to rebuild your credit. If you are unable to secure a loan right away, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to purchase or lease a vehicle in the future. Speak with one of our specialists today about rebuilding your credit, and stay in touch. We will work with you on future purchases and help you find the vehicle you’re looking for.


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