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Stay on top of your EV fleet operations with Somerville Auto’s comprehensive EVOLVE Fleet Management Portal.

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EV Fleet Management For Your Business

Somerville Auto provides a simple and comprehensive fleet leasing experience for businesses across Canada. We offer the full spectrum of commercial fleet services, including telematics, fuel management, electrification services, and more. Our team is here to ensure you get the maximum return on investment for your business!

Optimize Your Fleet Management Strategies

Experience real benefits for your business with the EVOLVE Fleet Management Portal.

Increased Efficiency EV Fleet Evolve

Increased Efficiency

Integrated software generates reports on areas of inefficiency, such as idle time, fuel consumption, and more.

Reduced Operational Cost EV Fleet Evolve

Reduce Operational Costs

Valuable insights on fleet performance help businesses cut fuel, maintenance, and repair costs.

Improved Performance EV Fleet Evolve

Better Decision Making

Make more data-driven decisions that lead to improved fleet performance and help identify issues early on.

Improved Safety EV Fleet Evolve

Improved Safety

Reduce the risk of accidents and collisions with accurate reports on vehicle behaviour, such as speeding, harsh breaking, and more.

Boost Your Business’ Bottom Line with EVOLVE

Incorporating comprehensive fleet software into your organization’s operations gives you continuous access to real-time data that will improve your fleet processes and increase operational transparency. For more information about how EVOLVE and the EVOLVE Fleet Management Portal can positively impact your business, please contact the Somerville Auto team today!

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