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When you are new to Canada, you may have many different questions about what you can do, what you can’t do, and what you might find difficult to do. One area which many people wonder about is leasing vehicles in their new country, and whether it is possible for someone new to the country to obtain credit.

Yes, We Offer Newcomer Leasing

Here at Somerville Auto, our finance team offers quality leasing services for those who have recently moved to Canada and are in the process of setting up their new lives. We’re able to lease without the same kinds of restrictions as a regular car company. Why? Because we are an independent leasing company. We offer quality and flexible leasing for people just like you. The fact we are independent means that we have more control over the leases that we offer, and that they’re often more attractive to people who may be shopping around or looking for a unique offering.

What About Credit?

By choosing our quality leasing services, you can slowly build up your credit history here in Canada, and open yourself up to more opportunities in the future.

Choosing leasing options which are achievable and affordable for you can help to build up your score. The higher the score, the better. Lenders typically do not want to offer new leases or finance packages to people who have no record of credit at all. The reason being, how can they be sure what your financial history is like? It’s understandable, but a system that isn’t always reasonable when it comes to leasing. At Somerville, we work with you to make leasing work for you.

You might think it’s a good thing to have never had credit in the past, but in the credit scoring world, it gets tricky. Being new in town doesn’t need to feel like a punishment. This is an exciting time, and simply another reason why choosing our flexible leasing options is a great idea - you can build up your score in a safe and affordable way.

Let us Help you Set up Your New Toronto Life with a Lease

There are things you need when you move to a new country, and you don’t always have the cash up front to pay for them. Leasing is a great way to help set yourself up for future progress, in an affordable and achievable way.

If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss further, give us a call today and let us explore your options with you. Everyone is different, with different circumstances, employers, down payments, and more. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and as a result, we’re available to create custom, flexible leasing packages for you, as you begin your new life here in Canada.

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