Best of the North American International Auto Show

By: Brenden Somerville   |   25 Jan 2016
Buick on display

Detroit was the place to be these past two weeks as the North American International Auto Show rolled into town. This monumental event showcases the top brands across the industry, and truly highlights what the future of automotive design and technology is going to look like. With a lot of talk around driverless vehicles and a myriad of concept cars it can be difficult to wade through the pool of future possibilities but this year we have teased out some clear winners. Innovative vehicles rolled out from behind the curtain to reveal some of the best advancements in automotive technology. Tons of great stuff was revealed throughout the show but we picked a few standouts that have potential to really impact what we’ll see on the streets over the next little while.


Buick Avista

The new Buick Avista concept coupe has been a hit with reviews and spectators alike. This sporty vehicle may never see the production line but it’s influence will ring through Buick’s future lineup and change how what we think of the brand. With a 400 horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, and sleek chrome accented design, the Avista makes a bold statement about the future of Buick and shedding the dated image that has been holding the company back. This stands out to use because it pushes the brand outside of itself. This could mean great things for GM and Buick, we look forward to seeing what comes of it!


Volvo S90

The beautiful Volvo S90 debuted  this week and it’s one of our favourites. With a beautiful exterior, lovely interior details and a powerful engine is meant to rival BMW and Mercedes in the luxury midsize sedan category. While its looks are more than enough to make it noteworthy, the S90 is set to be the first vehicle with semi-autonomous technology to come standard, or so Volvo says. It’s nice to see a little change up in the lineup of luxury vehicles available!

Volvo S90 2016 Detroit Auto Show NAIAS


Lexus LC 500

Like the Avista, the Lexus LC 500 is a visual treat. The LF-LC concept brought to life, this production vehicle breathes life into Lexus as a luxury brand. With 467 horsepower and the ability to go from 0-60 in under 5 seconds, this incredible sports car is powered by the same 5L V8 engine that can be found in the RC-F and GS-F. Unveiled by Toyota President Akio Toyoda himself, this is definitely one of the vehicles worth taking a look at!


Chevrolet Bolt

According to Chevy, the Bolt will be available this fall. This sub $40,000 electric car looks great, has a flat battery pack like a Tesla and tops out at 91 mph with 200 horsepower. It’s impressive. Not only because it’s an affordable electric car but because it doesn’t really look like one. It looks and sleek and sporty, not boxy, not weird. Affordable and great design? This is an electric car people may really stand behind!

Chevrolet Bolt 2016 Detroit Auto Show NAIAS

These are just a handful of the models that were revealed this year. This is a massive international event, and really brings the best players in auto tech. Only time will tell what elements of the concept cars will truly come to life and how the market will accept and reject these ideas. To check out what else rolled down the runway this year check out the NAIAS website!



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