Is Going Car-Free in Toronto A Good Option for You?

By: Brenden Somerville   |   14 Jul 2014

AutoShare, car2go and Zipcar are all competing for your business. The Toronto car sharing industry is heating up, with more consumers looking for alternatives than ever before. Having access to a car in Toronto without having to worry about the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance sounds great. All the fun, none of the worry, right? Before you jump into the driver’s seat of one of the decaled smart cars they have, there are a few things to consider:



Businessweek took a look at the pros and cons of car sharing, and as it turns out, car-sharing is usually more expensive than just renting a standard car once you go beyond the 24 hours. Toronto car-sharing may be great for a quick trip (and hope you don’t get stuck in traffic), but if you are looking for longer journeys (trip to the cabin for the weekend, anyone?) renting a car may still be more affordable.



With any car-sharing, but especially in Toronto, you’re going to need to spend time planning. This includes getting the vehicle you want at the right location at the time you need it. Rush hour is usually a tough time to get access to a car, for instance, which is something you don’t have to spend time with if you have your own car. It’s there whenever you need it.



While there are a few different Toronto car sharing companies to choose from, it always seems like you have to sacrifice something. One has a lower rate, but the other has better pickup and drop off locations. There isn’t really one that has the best of both worlds, so in the end, you’ll either have to sacrifice on cost, time or convenience in one way or another.


Depending on your driving needs, getting involved in a Toronto car sharing program could suit your lifestyle. However, there’s no better feeling than the freedom that comes with owning your own car. You get to have your car on your time. No rules, just you and the open road ahead. If you are interested in leasing or buying a car in Toronto, Somerville has been offering exceptional service for over 60 years. Get in touch with us today, so we can discuss the options with you directly.

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