Finding the Balance Between Luxury Vehicles and Value

By: Brenden Somerville   |   18 Jan 2016
Luxury car with black back drop




One of the biggest points working against buying or leasing a luxury car isn’t that it’s tough to choose between brands, it’s about how much it’s going to cost. There are so many new and used luxury vehicles on our lot, and in the market in general, that it can be challenging to find one that will deliver in all the ways you need a vehicle such as commuting, carrying friends and family, looking stylish and so on. The idea that luxury vehicles are a financial “setback” doesn’t have to be true if you do your research, assess your needs and take a look at what the automotive world is saying about some of the best luxury cars on the market.  

If you are looking to balance luxury and price, consider looking at Audi, Acura and Lexus. These three brands were crowned in 2015 as some of the best luxury vehicles for the money by US news. Audi was applauded for having best value luxury vehicle in the small car category.  They’re stylish cars that are sure to get you noticed, yet still come with many practical features that will make you a happy driver for years to come. While Lexus and Acura took home prizes in the best luxury SUV category.

Car and Driver voted the BMW X5 and one of 2015’s best midsize luxury crossovers. Not surprising if you have driven one or seen one around town. These are luxury vehicles without a doubt but are a great value for your money, meaning you can ride this luxury vehicle straight to the bank.

BMW X5 Luxury SUV Good Value

Luxury vehicles come in all shapes and sizes making it possible to roll off the lot in vehicle that not only looks great but suits your budget. Considering a used luxury vehicle is a great place to start, especially with so many luxury brands out there making high quality vehicles. Brands that have timeless designs such as the Mercedes or BMW are guaranteed to look classy. If buying a used vehicle isn’t in your game plan, than consider brands that have high projected resale values such as Mercedes Benz and Audi.

While there are lots of different factors that make up your decision to purchase a luxury vehicle, value for money doesn’t have to be one of them. There are many brands and models that make great financial sense if you’re in the market for something with a little more flash. Somerville Auto works hard to find you the right car for the right price. If you are looking for a luxury vehicle but are concerned about pricing, value and future costs, come in and talk to one of our expert team members. We have access to whatever make and model you are in the market for and have been finding customers the car of their dreams for 60+ years at our family owned-and-run dealership. If you want to try some of the best luxury vehicles on the market you can contact us, and let our experienced sales staff get started on your dream car search today.



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