A Mercedes-Benz With Your Name On It

By: Brenden Somerville   |   25 Apr 2016
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Customizing Your Car

When it comes to owning a vehicle that offers solid engineering, high performance, elegance and durability, the Mercedes-Benz is a definite front-runner. With so many outstanding qualities, the brand in itself is timeless. However, more and more Mercedes-Benz owners in the GTA are looking to add personality and flair to their vehicles to create a car that truly reflects the attitude of the driver. Today’s auto market now offers much more than your standard steering wheel and seat accessories, enticing Benz owners to start thinking about custom lights, seat covers and even audio systems. At Somerville Auto, we've got the expertise and knowledge on how to transform your car to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Finding the Right Parts

Start your customization with a quick online search, where you can find inspiration and ideas regarding accessories and pricing details. Once you have something in mind, it is important to seek out a trusted source who can provide concrete advice and expertise on how to go about upgrading your car in the most efficient and attractive way. At Somerville Auto, we have trained professionals on site who can assess your vehicle and make recommendations based on your personal needs, identify hot-ticket items on the market and align all requests to your financial budget.

Taking the steps to customize your Mercedes-Benz might seem pricey, but the process can actually be quite inexpensive, especially if you consider purchasing one of the many used Mercedes-Benz for sale in Toronto. By leasing or buying a used Benz, not only are you saving money, but chances are, the owner has already added some extra personality and upgrades to the vehicle! Somerville Auto offers an amazing selection of affordable, pre-owned Mercedes-Benz for sale or lease throughout the GTA. Somerville Auto has multiple used Mercedes-Benz vehicles on site, with flexible leasing options available. At Somerville Auto, we show you which parts and accessories will look the best on your vehicle, and have the resources and expertise to ensure your car is customized to your liking. 

It's All In The Details

At Somerville Auto, many of our pre-owned Mercedes-Benz come with a variety of upgrade packages, including our Avantgarde Edition Package with keyless entry, heated and cooled seats and power door locking systems, the Intelligent Drive Package offering cruise control and brake assist, and the AMG Night Package which supplies your Mercedes-Benz with a set of premium, reflective aluminum wheels for safe and efficient night driving. With so many attractive installations and accessory upgrades, our collection of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer our customers thousands of dollars in savings. All of our pre-owned vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies regarding entertainment and safety, while optimizing comfort and convenience with interior and exterior accessories. 

If purchasing a customized vehicle has been on your mind, shop our collection of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz today, or come down to the dealership to take one for a test drive. With models as recent as 2016 featuring a variety of colours and qualities including all Full-Time 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive, automatic steering and impressive state-of-the-art navigation controls, at Somerville Auto, there's sure to be a Benz with your name on it.


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