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By: Brenden Somerville   |   02 May 2016
Wiping a car
Restoring Luxury To Your Land Rover

There's nothing quite like experiencing the smell of a brand new vehicle for the first time, especially within the spacious interior of a luxury Land Rover. From the minute you pull open the door and immerse yourself in the sleek and spotless interior, to being on the road for the first time after the test drive, the experience is one of a kind. Over time though, that "new car smell" and feeling eventually fades. Blame it on all of the morning coffee runs, picking up the kids from hockey, or whatever else life throws your way, but the good news is, there's a solution to bring the original charm back to your new or pre-owned Land Rover, inside and out.

Land Rovers were built for adventure, but also for luxury. Over time, especially driving around York Region, they attract dust, dirt and everything in between you and the road. With a busy work schedule and constant commute, it can be hard to find the time to take care of your car's appearance the way it should be. Detailing is a great way to restore your Land Rover so that you look the part wherever you go. Starting with something as simple as a wash and a shampoo, detailing packages offer you the opportunity to select the service that works best for you and your lifestyle. At Somerville Auto, we have several detailing packages with complete and partial options, so rest assured knowing that we take care of everything, so you don't have to.

It Starts On the Inside

Using your Land Rover to get to work everyday means that this is a space that you actively occupy for hours at a time. Just like your office, it can get pretty messy as things start to pile up -- like old coffee cups, extra papers and maybe even that French fry you thought you picked up from under the seat last week. The point is, not everybody has the time to do a thorough inspection on their vehicle. With a detailing package that offers interior maintenance, we at Somerville Auto will find all the little things you may have missed, and make the inside smell like it did on the very first day you got it, starting with an interior deodorizer. Dust doesn't just streak the outside of your car. If you drive with the windows down, chances are your steering wheel, interior dash board, windows and console are all coated in grime and brake dust. By purchasing an interior detailing package for your vehicle, the entire inside of the car gets wiped down, all of the door jams are cleaned, and floor mats are shaken out and washed. We even vacuum up pet hair, just in case your furry friend tends to ride along in style.

Wax Your Way To a Shiny Exterior

When it comes to restoring the shine on your Land Rover, nothing gets the job done like a proper wax job. Waxing allows you to see things that you may not have ever seen before at a glance, including small scratches, dents or spots caused by anything from roadside grime to sap-- if you park your car under a tree, this probably sounds familiar. The body of the car is where people look first, but it's important to pay attention to cleaning the wheels and rims as well. Constant activity on the road invites all sorts of grime buildup. A quick spray and polish is sure to have your rims looking like new. Unlike an interior detail, most drivers opt to get a full exterior detail every few months, or every season as the conditions of the road change. With the winter snow finally behind us, now is a great time to scrub off any excess road salt and take care of exterior maintenance on your vehicle. 

If it's time for your next auto detailing, come by Somerville Auto. See our detailed pricing menu and check out our great selection of pre-owned Land Rovers today! 




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