Why We'll Buy Your Used Car

By: Brenden Somerville   |   02 Aug 2016
Handing over car key

Do you ever visit a dealership and wonder why the vehicles you see at this particular location might differ from others you’ve seen on previous lots? Make and model aside, there are certain factors that contribute to why that car, truck, or SUV is now for sale at our dealership. Before we buy your used vehicle, our team of certified auto technicians run a rigorous inspection on the interior and exterior of each potential vehicle to ensure it meets the high standards we have put in place here at Somerville Auto. If the proposed vehicle doesn’t meet the expectations we have outlined, we won’t buy it! At Somerville Auto, we buy and sell only the finest pre-owned luxury vehicles to bring you as our valued client, the utmost consumer care and satisfaction.

A Car You Can Trust

Arguably the most important factor that goes into our selection process is determining the reliability of a used vehicle. Is it in top-notch condition? Or does it have a tendency to break down at random intervals on the side of the road and spew emissions and waste mileage? The whole reason for purchasing a new vehicle is to get from Point A to Point B without hassle. At Somerville Auto, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with an incredible selection of pre-owned vehicles in the finest condition, and never sell a vehicle that is older than 10 years. The overall performance of the vehicle must accommodate you and your lifestyle, without compromising your safety, livelihood and peace of mind. All vehicles at Somerville Auto are thoroughly inspected prior to a sale. If the vehicle doesn’t pass our inspection, certain parts are either repaired or completely removed and replaced with genuine OEM parts to ensure that the new driver has an excellent experience. If repairs or replacements still don’t do the trick, we simply won’t buy it, and we definitely won’t sell it!

Trendy Technology

More and more buyers are looking for vehicles that provide state-of-the-art technologies that are found in most newer vehicles. Whether it’s a safety and security system, navigation system, or entertainment package, many drivers like the added features and benefits that come with technologically-savvy vehicles. With our pre-owned inventory that also boasts luxury and exotic vehicles, there’s no telling what hidden features you might find! One of the biggest perks of buying a used car is that you get access to whatever work the previous owner had done on the vehicle, from everything to new leather seats or that satellite radio you had your eye on. Many of our vehicles do come with upgrades already installed, adding for a more personalized touch that is sure to be different from the original manufacturer’s release.

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