Move Into College With a Hino

By: Brenden Somerville   |   13 Sep 2016
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With college and university programs now in full-swing, if you haven’t already gotten your belongings moved into campus, you need to act fast! Late night essays, early morning classes, weekend outings and much-needed relaxation call for a comfortable environment, and that can only be done if you have all of your favourite possessions with you. If you’re attending a post-secondary institution that’s a considerably far distance from the house you grew up in, you’re going to need a reliable vehicle that will transport your belongings quickly and safely. Even more importantly, if the drive is long, you’ll want this done in one trip. Somerville Auto now offers a truck rental program, exclusively through Somerville Hino. Available across North America, Hino rentals let you experience the performance, durability and reliability of a Hino without worrying about going through a moving company.

Why Rent a Hino?

Hino trucks are not your typical moving truck. With three exciting models to choose from, including the 195, 268 and 338 models, your moving experience will be better than ever. All of our trucks undergo rigorous maintenance and inspection before they’re made available to rent, and have extremely low kilometers on them. Each model comes standard with a power liftgate, so loading and unloading your furniture will be easy. Perhaps one of the best features of renting from us is that you don’t have to pay a mover, and place your prized possessions into the trust of someone else. When you rent a Hino, you’re in the driver’s seat and can control the moving experience just how you like it!

Save Money and DIY!

Students have enough finances to worry about (not including the debt, that comes later) and moving companies generally cost more because you end up paying for transportation costs and accessories required, like packing blankets and trolleys. Renting a Hino allows you to prepare in advance and find the materials yourself, whether that’s an army of friends to help you or some packing blanket of your own. You’re also only going to make one round trip and save yourself a considerable amount of fuel and money at the pumps, compared to making numerous trips back and forth to pack everything into your own vehicle. And, let’s be serious-- you can’t tie your bed to your car like the do in the movies.

Are you in the process of moving, or have a few things you need help carrying? Learn more about our Hino Truck Rentals. Call our Rental Department directly at (416) 642-3030 today!


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