3 Luxury SUVs That Drive Like Luxury Sedans

By: Brenden Somerville   |   12 Oct 2016
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Most luxury car shoppers know what they want. Premium sedans come packed with an elevated sense of style, design and exquisite elements that simply don’t exist in a standard vehicle. Whether you’re looking for plush leather, wood and chrome accents, an impressive sound system, extended horsepower or advanced performance technologies, luxury vehicles cater to a niche consumer market. However, with their rise in popularity, many fine automotive brands like BMW and Audi, have transferred the glitz and glam associated with exotic cars, into the design process of SUVs. Luxury SUVs are taking the market by storm, as they allow families or drivers who require additional space for passengers and cargo, the opportunity to experience the luxury and finesse of a sedan, while taking advantage of the space, fuel efficiency and power of an SUV. No longer just a rugged, off-road adventure vehicle, the modern luxury SUV offers a competitive driving experience, without trading in comfort or practicality. With so many luxury SUVs to choose from, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 favourite SUV models that drive like a premium sedan.

2016 BMW X3

The 2015 BMW X3 stays true to its blue and white logo, with an interior that is very similar to cars of its class. In a new SUV format, the X3 is more athletic than ever, with 7 passenger seating, a built-in energy management system which increases fuel efficiency, and an aluminum underbody to offer the utmost protection for whatever life throws your way. The look of the X3 is unmistakably BMW with distinctive LED headlights and standard feature fog lights that come in handy in adverse weather conditions. Once inside the X3, drivers can rejoice at the leather and chrome highlights throughout the cabin, as well as the amount of space and comfort. Powered by a twin turbo engine with 8-speed Steptronic transmission, the X3 provides dynamic performance at all speeds while smartly reducing fuel consumption. With “sport”, “comfort” and “eco” mode, drivers have the possibility of customizing their driving experience. Eco mode can even reduce your fuel consumption by 20%!

2015 BMW X5

Reach 0-100 KM in 6.5 seconds. Need we say more? A trio of engine options for potential buyers including a 300-horsepower turbo six-cylinder that powers the base trim and upgrades. These upgrades include a 255-horsepower twin turbo diesel unit or a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 that offers either 445 or 567 horsepower, making it clear that the 2015 BMW X5 redefines power. A fully-loaded vehicle, this SUV, available now at Somerville Auto, offers 21” double alloy spoke wheels, a rear camera, a panoramic sunroof and LED headlights to light your way. With winter coming up fast, you’ll stay warm with built-in heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. Standard driver assistance systems make handling every steep turn, slippery surface or hard-to-reach parking spots a breeze.

2015 Audi SQ 5

The 2015 Audi SQ5 is more than just another fast ride. With an impeccable braking system, beautiful acceleration speeds and a beautiful interior that has a touch of sportiness, this model is the perfect example of a cross-over vehicle that does more and still possesses the luxury and elegance that Audi is known for. A 3.0 V-6 AWD engine delivering 354hp @ 6,000RPM makes an impressive mark out on the road. This vehicle has all of the characteristics of a luxury sedan, right down to its 5-passenger seating. The SQ5 has fine sports-tuned suspension systems that let it turn even the tightest corners with ease. Inside the SQ5, you’ll find all the plush comforts of a true Audi.

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