The Top 3 Last-Minute Getaways To Take Your Luxury Car

By: Brenden Somerville   |   26 Oct 2016
Couple smiling in their luxury car

With the leaves quickly fading, snow will soon be upon us. Once the snow and slush clutter Toronto’s streets and major roadways, it’s a bit trickier to maneuver the roadways for a last minute trip. Most luxury vehicle owners store their exotics over the winter to protect the bodies and tires from harsh road salt, which can coat the inside and outside of the vehicle and cause serious damage to custom paint jobs or parts.. Just outside of the GTA, there are a number of beautiful spots where you can catch a glimpse of some last-minute foliage. These daytrips typically range from 45 minutes to an hour away, and are a great way to get one last cruise in before the cold weather settles. Here are our top 3 local fall travel destinations to take your exotic car or SUV.

Hamilton Waterfalls

Did you know Hamilton, Ontario is home to a series of beautiful, cascading waterfalls? The Albion Falls, Devil’s Punch Bowl Falls, Princess Falls and Webster’s Falls are just a few of the spectacular natural wonders you can find in this city. During this time of year, you can find plenty of public parking for your luxury vehicle and proceed with a self-guided tour of the grounds. Less than one hour from Toronto, whether you take the 403 W or the 407 W. Hamilton is believed to have the most waterfalls per any urban area. There are many types of waterfalls throughout the area, and your experience will depend on which waterfall you choose to visit, be it a steep plunge, like Tews Falls, or a cascading staircase, like Sherman Falls. The beautiful leaves you’ll find while hiking, complimented by the scenic backdrop of the waterfalls makes for the perfect day trip.

Rattlesnake Point

Anybody who’s ever driven past the Niagara Escarpment at this time of year knows how breathtaking the views are. Saturated in reds, golds and oranges, the trees located at Rattlesnake Point are truly a sight to see. Home to thousand year old cedar trees and a lush bundle of flora and fauna, this conservation area provides some of the most gorgeous views in Ontario. During the months of autumn, people travel from all over the world to behold the views from Buffalo Crag Lookout Point; a jutting rock ledge that’ll make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This naturally beautiful park is the perfect last-minute getaway to take your exotic car.

Port Perry Waterfront

Looking to take a fall drive into a cozy small town, and get away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto? Port Perry is a quaint town northeast of Toronto, filled with shops, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and antique shops. The waterfront provides enjoyment if you want to grab an ice cream and explore the downtown. There’s always something going on in Port Perry, especially on weekends, and there are plenty of places to park your luxury vehicle before wandering around town. To get here, take the 401 Express or the 407 and switch onto Highway 2 until you reach the town.


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