The 5 Best Gifts For Car Lovers

By: Brenden Somerville   |   06 Dec 2016
Couple holiday shopping

Tis the season for holiday giving. If you’re still stuck on what to get the car fanatic in your life, the answer isn’t too far off. While you might not be able to park a 2017 Mercedes-Benz or a 2016 Audi S7 in the driveway, something smaller will do. Luxury vehicle owners take pride in their rides, and one of the ultimate gifts is an accessory for their vehicles. Trust us, with all of the money that many luxury car and SUV owners put towards custom upgrades, a trendy accessory or new car part is just the thing they’ll love. At Somerville Auto, we have a wide range of premium vehicle parts from exceptional brands like Raybestos, Wagner, Mooge, Monroe and Mevotech. We also carry an impressive selection of this year’s must-have accessories from brands including Delphi, Braelin, Blue Streak and Avant Garde. Whether you’re looking for something flashy, or something practical, we’ve got something for everyone this Christmas. See our top five picks for car lovers everywhere.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Winter mornings are cold, and those in a rush might not have time to hit the drive-thru. Let your loved one bring the comforts (and tastes) of home with them on the morning commute in a trendy, personalized travel mug. The stainless steel design will trap heat in, unlike a general paper cup from Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonald’s or wherever else they get their java fix from. These days, hilarious cups are popping up everywhere, and you can find just about anything on them. From a witty and sarcastic greeting, to a cool pattern; your own name or even just a wicked colour, a travel mug is a must have for any vehicle.

Navigation System

Most luxury vehicles come with built-in navigation systems, but on some models, they are only an available option. Check with the gift recipient to see if they have a navigation system. Today’s navigation systems offer much more than just an integrated system of road maps. Many GPS devices now feature live traffic updates, built-in dash cams, voice-activated navigation, and many other smart features like customizable notifications for smartphones, so the driver can always be connected.

Cell Phone Mount

Drivers always need to have their eyes on the road and avoid distracted driving at all times. Even with new technologies like voice recognition, some drivers like to check their phones for texts and calls. With a cell phone mount, the driver can either place the phone attached to the dash or windshield so that commands are audible and eyes stay on the road. Most phone mounts are adjustable so that the driver can have a comfortable view and keep their hands on the wheel.

Chrome Wheels

Nobody would say no to a brand-spanking new set of shiny wheels for their luxury car or SUV. Available in sturdy, durable options like chrome or stainless steel, these wheel coverings won’t rust and are perfectly safe to use in snow and slush. Their unique metal compounds prevent rust so they’ll look good all year round. Wheel covers are a very personal gift and there are plenty of options for all makes and models.

Plug-in Air Freshener

Forget the little dingy air fresheners you pick up at the car wash. Modern day plug-in air fresheners are very high-end and range anywhere from scented oils to vapour infusers. Gone are the boring cherry or pine tree scents. Instead, think of options like orange vanilla and exotic blends that smell like a tropical vacation. Due to their automatic release times, plug-in air fresheners don’t get overwhelming like hanging paper ones due. The driver can control what and how much scent enters the cabin of the vehicle. A great smelling vehicle makes anyone happy!

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the car lover in your life? Shop our online selection of parts and accessories today! Thinking a bit outside the box? Book a surprise service package for that special someone instead and treat them to a total vehicle makeover. Call us today at 1-(877) 503-5102 or contact us online for more information.

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