Show Off Your Moves on This Toronto Racetrack

By: Brenden Somerville   |   30 May 2017
Cars racing on a track

If you live in the city, you’ve probably heard it at least 100 times.


In the middle of the night, the squealing tires of a supercar connecting on pavement as it charges down the Don Valley Parkway (because everyone knows it couldn’t get those speeds on Yonge St.).


Over the years, Toronto has seen its fair share of stunt driving and racing on public roads. Not only is this extremely dangerous to yourself and other drivers, but it’s illegal. We get it. You have a luxury car and you’re excited about its power and performance, but that the streets of the GTA are no place for going full throttle.


Why Do People Stunt Drive?


In the month of April alone, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) arrested more than 12 people for erratic stunt driving down Highway 400. The culprits? A Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Porsche, a BMW and an Aston Martin, to name a few. The drivers were racing at incredibly high speeds, weaving carelessly in and out of traffic as they went.


But, why do luxury vehicle owners feel the need to race? In all honesty, it comes down to ego. You’ve got a nice car and you want to show it off. But with that attitude, you’re bound to get caught. Just because Toronto hasn’t followed Germany’s lead and developed an Autobahn of its own is no excuse to get the ball rolling (or wheels rolling), so to speak. Too many cases of reckless driving lead to serious injury or death, and that’s simply unacceptable. This city has plenty of opportunities to show off your new exotic car, and one of the best is the Toronto Motorsports Park.


Stunt Car Driving Without the Ticket


The Toronto Motorsports Park has been around for more than 60 years, when it started out as a drag-race facility. Since then, it’s turned into one of North America’s most prestigious racing venues, hosting world-famous tournaments. In 2000, a 3.0 kilometre Road Course was designed and built with multiple configurations, including 1.8 and 1.2-kilometre lengths. Since then, a series of upgrades and safety measures have gone into the park, making this the ultimate place to take your luxury car. How nice would it be to experience the full potential of your Audi’s horsepower, without seeing a series of red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror? At this park in particular, you can do whatever you’d like, depending on the racing package you sign up for.


The Toronto Motorsports Park has a “Take It to the Track” event, where luxury car owners can actually race their own vehicles. Every Friday evening or on the weekend, you can bring your own vehicle down to the track and have a little fun. All makes and models are welcome. Once you arrive at the gates and pay your entry fee, you will receive a tech card and one of the park staff will direct you to the technical inspection area. After you’re cleared at the inspection station, you’ll be directed to the staging lanes, where you’ve got 1,320 feet to see what your car can do.

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