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By: Brenden Somerville   |   14 Jul 2017
Construction worker

Do you consider yourself handy? Are you capable of repairing issues that come up around your business or completing your own landscaping projects? If so, why are you hiring someone else do it? If you lease the equipment you need rather than buying it outright or hiring someone else to do the work, you can save money.


Here at Somerville, we lease all sorts of equipment to businesses and individuals all over the GTA. In fact, there’s almost no limit to the different types of trucks and equipment we have access to.


Are you a small business owner who is looking to spruce up the outside of your business? You could hire a company to do the work for you at an extravagant cost, or you can lease the equipment you need from us and gradually get the work done yourself. From dump trucks for transporting soil and rocks to more specialized equipment, we can get whatever you need for any size landscaping job.

Events and Festivals

We have access to special equipment that can help with preparation and cleanup of big events and festivals. Whether you’re a promoter, business owner, or represent a municipality, our equipment can help your event go off without a hitch. Water trucks, street sweepers, delivery vehicles - we have the equipment you need when you need it most.


If you need to transport something across Ontario, Canada, or North America, you’re likely going to need a truck. We lease a range of commercial trucks, including cube vans, long-haul trucks, livestock trailers, and much more.


When you need heavy equipment for a big construction job, we’re the place to go. We have access to dump trucks, cement trucks, and a range of other construction equipment that will help you get even the largest construction jobs done properly and efficiently.


When you need to lease commercial equipment in Toronto, we’re the place to go. Trust Somerville as your business partner - contact us anytime for honest, professional advice.


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