Owning a Pickup Truck in Toronto

By: Brenden Somerville   |   25 Aug 2017
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Pickup trucks are popular vehicles, and for good reason - they’re versatile, durable, spacious, and make sense for almost anyone. But, what if you live in the big, mean city of Toronto? Are pickup trucks still a good idea if you live in the city? For many people, the answer is yes.


Location, Location, Location

Toronto is a big place. The inner city is busy and congested, but if you get away from Bay Street, and the tourist-centric area around Yonge street, you can quickly find a relatively quiet neighbourhood. If you live in a central neighbourhood and have a driveway or easily accessible on-street parking, a pickup truck is a definite option. Accidents happen throughout Toronto every day; driving a rugged pickup truck can help keep you and your passengers safe and secure.

Gardening gloves

Get Some Work Done

If you live just outside of the downtown core in a townhouse or bungalow, you’re a prime candidate to own a truck. A pickup will allow you to do some work around your house by yourself. Why hire landscapers when you can haul soil, pickup plants, and transport gardening equipment on your own? A pickup lets new homeowners fix and improve their homesteads on their own.


Fuel Prices

Generally speaking, the larger a vehicle is the more fuel it will take for it to move. That was a problem with pickups for a long time - they were gas guzzlers. Over the past few years, however, manufacturers have done wonders in making pickups more fuel efficient. While a Silverado 1500 will never be as fuel efficient as a Smart Car, trucks have come a long way and models produced in the last few years are better on gas than you may think.

Pickup trucks are a great value for the money and are useful vehicles for just about anyone. Even if you live in the city, a truck can still be a smart option for you. Come by and take a truck for a test drive and see if a pickup is right for you.

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