5 Gifts Any Gearhead Will Love

By: Brenden Somerville   |   15 Dec 2017

When you have a gearhead to shop for, it isn’t easy. Sure, they love cars and anything with an engine, but they’re picky and you don’t want to get them the wrong gift. We get it, and we’re going to help you out.


Here are five gift ideas any gearhead will love:


Oil Change

If they love cars, your gearhead likely drives one—a lot. You can help them plan ahead by paying for their next oil change or another regular maintenance appointment. Oil changes are affordable, starting at only $39.99, plus they’re something every vehicle needs. You can’t go wrong with an oil change.


Surprise the car-lover in your life by having their vehicle detailed inside and out. Starting at $99.99, it’s well worth the money to see your loved one’s face when they see their ride looking like new.

Gas Card

Unless your gearhead is driving an electric vehicle, they’re going to have to stop by the gas pump sooner or later. A gas card is a great gift for a coworker or to tuck into a stocking for a family member.


Emergency Kit

This isn’t an exciting gift idea, but it’s an important one. All vehicles should have an emergency kit, and that holds especially true for anyone who spends a lot of time driving. We all know that accidents happen, people run out of gas, weather conditions can strand you, etc. By purchasing or putting together your own emergency kit, you’re showing your loved one how much you care about their well-being. Some items to include in an emergency kit are batteries, a radio, emergency blankets, flares, roadside emergency signs, and energy bars.


Die-Cast Models

The gearhead in your life likely has a list of dreams cars they would love to drive. If giving your loved one an exotic car or luxury vehicle isn’t a realistic gift idea, you can always give them a smaller model version of their favourite ride. Call it a little motivation to have your gearhead work toward eventually getting their dream car.


Within the past five years or so, Bluetooth has become almost standard on vehicles. Is your loved one using a hands-free headset while talking on the phone while driving? We hope so, and if they’re not, getting them a Bluetooth headset is a thoughtful gift that helps ensure they have a safe drive that’s free of distractions. If your gearhead is more old school and drives vintage cars without modern tech, they likely still have a cell phone. There are plenty of Bluetooth and corded headset options out there, so do your gearhead a favour and make sure they’re speaking hand-free while driving.


We hope your friends and loved ones enjoy these gift ideas. Happy Holidays!


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