Why Audi is Quickly Taking Over the Luxury Vehicle Market

By: Somerville Auto   |   19 Jul 2018
2018 Audi model lineup

Not only are we seeing more and more Audi vehicles arriving on our lot than ever before, but we’re also seeing more Audis on the streets of Toronto and Mississauga.

As one of our favourite German-built brands, it’s great to see such elegant and attractive vehicles making their mark on today’s luxury market.

Audis are Attractive

They’re packed with great features in well-planned design. Audis, especially in newer years, take a clean design to the next level. From 2013-2018, Audi vehicle trimlines boast sleek lines and bold exteriors. Take the RS 7, for example: this car looks like something that just slid out of a James Bond movie. It manages to look both classic and modern at the same time. We’ve found that across the Audi lineup, this holds true. Young professionals and classic vehicle lovers both are finding themselves seeking.



Exclusive Technologies

In today’s landscape, vehicle purchases are increasingly influenced by technology. Audi has been leading the pack with engine and AWD technologies for years. Now, they’re also leading the pack with onboard infotainment and driver-assistance systems.

Audi’s all-wheel-drive exclusive braking system, Quattro, is one of the features that we’re often asked about. The system has been around since 1980 and upgraded continuously. Originally designed for rally cars, this tech means business. quattro is a centre differential, unlike the rear differential common on most vehicles. This directs the vehicle’s powerful torque to both the front and rear wheels. Better yet, it adjusts to send power to the wheel that needs it most, or can make the best use of it. How’s that for smart?

Audi Connect, the brand’s infotainment system is one of the first and the best. It boasts a smartphone interface that allows your phone to communicate directly with the vehicle via Bluetooth. You’ll also find drive-focused assistance with navigation, speed alerts, geofencing, and more. When it comes to security, Audi Connect also has you covered with emergency assistance, online roadside assistance, remote lock/unlock, and stolen vehicle location services.

Thinking forward, Audi is also working on AI-enabled vehicle technology and has been competing in electric vehicle racing with e-tron vehicles.

Wide Selection Within Audi's Lineup

That’s right. The possibilities are endless with Audi. From cars to SUVs of all sizes, there is an option out there for every lifestyle. The Audi A lineup features sedans and hatchbacks with space and sensibility in an intelligent package. The Q series of Audi SUVs not only includes award-winning designs, but designs that give you a unique experience. From the smaller Audi Q3 to the large-and-in-charge Q8, you’ll be able to fit everything except the kitchen sink!

(Actually, you could fit a kitchen sink or three.)

If you’re looking for something more sports-centric, you might be most at home in an Audi TT, RS 7, or R8. These vehicles are the brand’s most athletic vehicles and they’re tuned to show it off. These low-profile sportscars are often seen when we hit the 401, and they’re truly impressive.

We have a regularly rotating inventory of Audi vehicles, and they don’t last long. Our team would be happy to get you set up with a test drive or Audi lease. If you’ve been searching Toronto for a special Audi and haven’t been able to find it, check out our car finder service. We’ll help you find it!

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