How to Find the Right Fleet for Your Business: the Top Things to Look For

By: Somerville Auto   |   13 Sep 2018
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When you’re choosing vehicles for your commercial fleet, you’re not just considering what colours and features you’re looking for, but how these vehicles will help you day-to-day while you’re doing business and getting work done. Having the right vehicles in your fleet can help you work faster, save money, and accomplish new feats.

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Pricing: Leasing and Financing

When you’re a professional leasing company, it’s easy to choose leasing over financing by default. This is because, especially when leasing multiple vehicles, the prices can be better than most people expect. Since you’re not dealing directly with the manufacturer, we’re able to provide different leasing rates and terms than many other institutions. Depending on your priorities, leasing can provide the following benefits:

check markAn easy commitment: once you’re done, you return the vehicles and you’re able to upgrade or choose a different model

check markBuyouts: you have the option to purchase the vehicles you’ve been leasing if you find that they’re the best fit imaginable

check markCost: Leasing can be affordable and leaves your disposable income for other purposes

check markTermination: The ability to return the vehicle early if priorities change

When you’re financing, the benefits are slightly different:

check markYou’re making monthly payments towards the price of the vehicle until it’s eventually yours

check markYou’ll end up owning the vehicle outright, and once your payments are finished you own it without any added fees

check markFinancing can be a great way to obtain vehicles that might be out of budget when buying outright

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Vehicle Features

Here at Somerville, we lease used vehicles. You can also lease or finance Hino trucks through our Hino division. One of the most exciting perks of leasing commercial vehicles is that you often are treated to features are upfitting elements that someone else has already paid for! When you purchase work trucks for businesses like construction and HVAC, often times the equipment is already on the vehicle. This will save you from needing to purchase equipment at full price.


Using a truck, cargo van, cabover, or other commercial vehicle for daily jobs is a commitment. When you’re shopping for your fleet it’s important to consider the features that are most important to you and your business. Don’t skimp out on things that will save you time and money: they will pay you back in savings soon enough. It’s also important not to get excess features that will cost you but that you won’t end up using.

Body Style

Not all cable installers use vans, and not all construction workers use trucks. Every business is different and how your team works is what is most important.


If you have equipment that can’t get wet, consider a truck with a box or cap, or choosing a van. If you need more hauling power than a van can offer, a truck might be your best bet.


Think about the most common and important uses for your vehicles and buy based on which vehicle will complete those at the lowest cost and best efficiency. Don’t choose a truck because other electricians do, choose a truck because it makes the most sense for what your staff are doing on a daily basis.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

When choosing a vehicle, look ahead. When buying used, choose vehicles that have a reasonable amount of kilometres on the odometer compared to your expected lifespan or usage period. If you find a truck that has 300,000km on it, it might not last you as long as you’re hoping. If you know how far your team drives on a daily basis, consider this when choosing used vehicles. The same rule should apply to fuel economy. Choose a vehicle that will cost you less at the pumps and you’ll be saving for the long haul.


When you’re ready to get your fleet started, contact us. Our team of leasing experts can help you build the best fleet for your business, right here in Toronto.

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