Cargo Van Selection for Toronto Businesses

By: Somerville Auto   |   14 Oct 2019

Lease Your Next Cargo Van with Somerville Auto

What makes cargo vans the go-to choice for so many small businesses in the GTA? These commercial vehicles have ample room for materials, shelves, cabinets and so much more while taking up comparatively little road space. This makes cargo vans ideal for travelling city streets and accessing back alleys behind stores for loading purposes. Upfitting options are endless for these vehicles, allowing any trade to customize their van into a mobile office, workspace or storage unit.

Why Companies Choose Somerville

What makes Somerville Auto the right choice for your Toronto business? Not only do we bring more than 6 decades of leasing knowledge to our clients, but we also provide experienced technicians to keep your cargo van running properly throughout your time with it. Being an independent leasing company means that we have access to any vehicle manufacturer and we can lead you to the right choice with zero bias in our guidance. If the right option isn’t already on our lot, we’ll search our vast network of connections to locate the exact model you’re looking for.

Once you’ve settled on a specific van, leave it up to our Service Centre to track down everything you need to operate your business on wheels. Upfit your unit with basic additions including lighting and storage organization or complete larger projects with parts like safety partitions, ramps, power systems and even industry-specific customizations like glass racks and air compressors. 

Cargo Vans in Every Trade

Where are cargo vans used most? Because of how versatile these commercial vehicles are, you’ll find them in almost every sector -- from first responders to mobile glass repair. Shelving, desk space and sturdy steel drawers make cargo vans ideal for mechanics, HVAC crews and electricians, while flooring installers and landscape crews will enjoy the covered space for materials. Though not as large as a light-duty truck, cargo vans work well as delivery vehicles -- especially for routes that go through the cramped streets of downtown Toronto.

Cargo vans are an easy choice for businesses around North York and Somerville Auto is the right place to find and build them. We’ve been helping local companies upfit single units or entire fleets for a long time now and we know what works. Let our experienced team of experts guide you through your next commercial vehicle lease and get the most value for your business.



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