Electric Chevy Silverado: Quick Look

By: Somerville Auto   |   18 Jan 2022

GM recently released information on their first electric pickup offering. The 2024 Electric Chevrolet Silverado may be behind in the electric pickup competition, but it appears to be worth the wait. The EV Silverado pickup claims to have more range and performance than the Ford Lightning but won’t arrive until later in 2023. GM has not yet released a full specification sheet but the latest facts are listed below:


  • Launching Autumn 2023
  • Powered by the all-new GM battery platform: the Ultium battery
  • Range: up to 640 km on a full charge
  • 350 KW DC fast charging
  • Price will range from $40,000 USD to $107,000 USD depending on trim level and specifications
  • They describe their RST First Edition trim is as an “exclusive, fully loaded EV pickup”
  • In the Spring of 2023, GM will be launching a Work Truck variation
  • Crew cab option only available to start
  • Tow capacity: 8,000 lbs and max payload capacity: 1,200 lbs
  • Offers additional storage under the hood (GM calls it an "eTrunk")
  • Brand-new 17-inch infotainment screen


With the market for electric commercial vehicles continually evolving, we’re excited that more manufacturers are developing their commercial vehicles to meet this demand. Contact Somerville Auto today to learn more about our short and long-term leasing options for your business.


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