The Rise of Asset Tracking Solutions

By: Somerville Leasing   |   03 Apr 2022
equipment tracking

Asset tracking can include equipment such as trailers, containers and generators. These are assets that do not have an onboard engine and/or power supply and can be costly to keep track of or recover for a business. Tracking can enable logistics, supply chain and transportation sectors to monitor and manage their valuable equipment and improve efficiency


Somerville Auto works with BeWhere for equipment tracking solutions that easily integrate with your vehicle telematics system. BeWhere has established itself as a first-mover in the connected sensors emerging market, benefiting from its existing relationship with Bell and the common goal to commoditize IoT solutions to serve a new and growing demand for more data and operational intelligence, while keeping costs affordable for customers. Connected sensors offer the ability to monitor and manage a vast number of assets and their environmental conditions using the cellular network.

One of BeWhere’s new offerings is the BeMini tracker. The BeMini is a miniaturized GPS tracker with indoor location that works on Bell’s LTE-M (low-power 5G) network.  It combines all the sensors (temperature, humidity, light exposure, motion) and functionality of their existing asset trackers but at 1/4 of the size.

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the BeMini’s small and lightweight design opens the door to a broader variety of asset tracking use cases.  It can be effectively used in compact spaces or where a discreet tracker would work better.  This includes smaller objects such as individual shipment tracking (or pallets) and valuable bags/cases – like med kits, money bags or pelican cases with specialized tools.  This is in addition to tracking pallets, smaller tools, and equipment (rental or owned) like portable generators, hospital equipment, restoration equipment and more.

Want to learn more about asset tracking or vehicle tracking options for your business? Get in touch with Somerville Auto today for a demo of the software or pricing.

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