Green Your Fleet With EV Leasing

By: Somervile Auto   |   04 Dec 2022
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“Thanks to such factors as falling costs, widening availability, and support from policy makers, sales of commercial EVs have continued to grow… our estimate suggests that fleet EVs can have a total cost of ownership that is 15 to 25 percent less than that of equivalent ICE vehicles by 2030.”

McKinsey & Company

It can be hard to know which new technologies, products and services will best serve the interests of your business - but when it comes to adopting a greener fleet, there are countless benefits for both the environment and your bottom line!

So what exactly does it mean to “green your fleet?” More North Americans are getting on board with electric vehicles (EVs) each year, including Canadian business owners who are looking to add more EVs to their fleets. Auto manufacturers are quickly increasing their offerings of electric vehicles that are suited for a wide range of industries, including cargo vans, pickups and even XL trucks, providing BC’s biggest industries with plenty of options for transforming their fleets into green machines.


Not only is there a growing number of electric vehicle options available, but infrastructure and supplemental resources, such as fleet telematics and government rebates, are also rising to the challenge to help support business owners as they go green.

Tip: Lean on Telematics. Considered the go-to green fleet technology, telematics is often the ground-zero of a fleet sustainability strategy because it provides the data needed to set and measure goals. - Geotab



Benefits of a Green Fleet for Your Business

It’s understandable to have reservations about adding EVs to your fleet, but we can assure you that the benefits of “greening your fleet” are significant! Here are just a few benefits of going green for business owners, employees and our BC communities:

  • Save thousands of dollars annually on fuel costs

  • Save time and money on routine maintenance

  • EVs have a significantly longer maintenance-free life cycle

  • Improve driver comfort with quieter, smoother and more powerful vehicles

  • Reduce your environmental footprint

  • Receive government rebates for lease or purchases

“Vincentric’s data reveals a 47% average cost savings in maintenance of operating a BEV over an ICEV in Canada.”

2 Degrees Institute

“Green Your Fleet” With Somerville!

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of EVs for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Somerville! Our team can provide you with many more details about how green auto technology works, sourcing electric vehicle inventory for your industry (spoiler: the options for electric work trucks, cargo vans and cars are pretty endless!), resources to support your transition, EV fleet leasing options, and even help with a comparative cost analysis. We’re here to support our Burnaby community as we all make strides towards a greener future!





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