Cargo Vans for the GTA's Best in Business

Looking for a cargo van for your business? Somerville Auto can get you the right commercial vehicle at a monthly price that works with your balance book. We’re proud to be an independent leasing company; and we've been helping our customers for more than 60 years with flexible term agreements and buyout options. At Somerville, we’re not attached to any specific manufacturer, so we’re able to give clear advice on which models will work best for your needs. A perfect fit for everything from plumbing & HVAC to telecom companies, cargo vans provide the space needed for workers in Toronto.

Cargo Van Selection that Meets Toronto’s Big City Driving Needs

Our lot features a variety of cargo vans in multiple sizes to suit your business. From GMC Savana Cargo 2500s to Ford Transit Cargo Vans, we have van models that cover each price point and application. Don’t see what you want in our inventory? Our sales managers will help you source out exactly what you’re looking for using our large network built over the course of decades.

We also have the ability to help you custom-build your cargo van using a wide variety of upfitting parts including drawers, bins, cabinets, shelves, ladder racks, power inverters and more. By working with the best upfitters in the business, we will take care of installation and logistics, leaving you with a work-ready vehicle that has every option you need.

The Right Lease for Your Business

General contractors like locksmiths, electricians and even auto glass repair companies can benefit greatly from leasing a cargo van. Why lease over purchasing your next commercial vehicle? Leasing gives businesses the advantage by freeing up cash flow and enables business owners or the self-employed to upgrade their working model on a regular basis. Leasing also provides constant coverage, protecting you from ending up with an expensive vehicle past the point of its usefulness.

Somerville is an entirely independent centre -- meaning that we determine who we lease to in-house, no external lenders required. This saves you time during the application process and allows us to fund deals that traditional OEMs may not be able to.

Find Your Cargo Van Lease Now

If you’re in the market for a new or used cargo van, talk with Somerville’s leasing experts first. You may be shocked to learn just how much you could save each month, while opening your company up to better quality equipment. Contact one of our sales managers today to learn more or browse our current cargo van inventory!


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