Van Leasing in Toronto

By: Somerville Auto   |   05 Sep 2019
Work van open in stock yard in Toronto

Access the Right Vehicle with a Van Lease from Somerville Auto

The perfect option for transporting cargo through the tight streets of downtown Toronto, vans offer ample space and protection from weather damage. Whether you’re looking to get a van for personal use or you need a versatile work vehicle to move goods and materials, leasing a van from Somerville Auto is an excellent solution. As an independent leasing company, we are able to source out varying sizes, brands and body types all while providing buyers with flexibility throughout their term. Discover more benefits of leasing a van in the GTA with Somerville below.

Cargo van parked outside Somerville Auto for lease

Somerville Gives You the Power of Choice

From cargo vans to Caravans, Somerville keeps a variety of leasable vehicles on hand for your convenience. We even have a selection of van cutaways for commercial or fleet purposes. When you transport materials that need to be sheltered, a van is a cost-effective option that works perfectly for flooring installers, carpenters, HVAC contractors and many other tradespeople. Can’t find the exact van you’re looking for? Our sales managers will use our vast network across the continent to locate a vehicle that fits your needs even if you don’t see it on our lot.

lease a Caravan in Toronto at Somerville Auto

Lease Your Van Your Way

Another benefit of choosing an independent leasing company? We work with you to build a leasing agreement that fits your current situation. Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we have true flexibility when it comes to term lengths, vehicle use and buyout options, meaning our customers never feel trapped or restricted while using their leased van. When your term ends, you have the option of upgrading to a newer or different vehicle, eliminating the need to use your van past its prime. 

Lease a cutaway van in Toronto at Somerville Auto

Van Customizations for Every Line of Work

Somerville Auto is happy to supply you with all manner of accessories to upfit your van for any line of work. From small upgrades like mudflaps and radios up to full refrigeration units, our Service Centre can help you create the ideal vehicle. Plus -- we offer our clients the option to finance upgrades and accessories through their lease payments, consuming less cash flow and dissolving the need for customers to settle on a van that isn’t optimal. 

Speak with one of our sales managers today to begin sourcing out the personal or commercial van you’ve been looking for and enjoy the freedom that leasing with our company provides.   


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