Vehicle Leasing for Contractors

By: Somerville Auto   |   09 Mar 2019
A tradesman works on the interior of a North York building

Get Your Contracting Business Ahead with Leasing

Contractors keep the world going. Handling everything from pipes to heating, from concrete to drywall, North York is built by contractors. At Somerville Auto, we know that the needs of a contractor change constantly, which is why having flexibility and access to the right equipment is vital for your company. That’s where leasing vehicles and heavy equipment for your business comes handy.

Leasing for Every Contractor

Getting the right work vehicles on the job helps your company tackle tasks faster. This leads to more profit and happy clients -- who doesn’t want that? Whether you own a large construction business or a small plumbing service, Somerville can pair you up with the trucks, vans or equipment you need. We also supply work vehicles for HVAC companies, farmers, snow removal services and landscapers. But why is leasing a better route for many contractors, you ask?

Free Up Your Cash Flow

With business costs for materials going out constantly, you don’t want to have your funds tied up on anything. Leasing with us lets you save your cash for other expenses, as we can greatly lower or eliminate the need for a down payment. Why can we do this? Because Somerville Auto is an independent leasing company. That means we offer far more flexibility when it comes to leasing terms, mileage and buyout options.

Get the Right Vehicle

Being an independent leasing company also means that we have a better selection of work vehicles and equipment to choose from than the other guys. We scour the entire market to hook your business up to the best vehicle out there -- no matter the brand. You know you’re seeing the entire picture when dealing with our leasing experts.



A construction worker builds a structure in North York using a yellow crane

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Find Specific Add-Ons

Because we access both new and used lease options, we can connect you with vehicles that have already been tailored to your trade. This can save you the hassle and cost of obtaining new add-ons and fittings, along with the bother of installing them yourself!

Have Future Flexibility

When you’re a contractor, you don’t always know what you’ll be doing next week -- let alone next year! Leasing your work vehicles and equipment saves you from being trapped in a long-term financial commitment. When your needs change, so can your lease! Plus, you’ll never find yourself stuck with an outdated vehicle.

Get Started with Somerville

When you’re in the market for work vehicles, we’re your people! Come visit us and see what we can do for your contracting business. Our goal is to match you with what’s right for your company, pairing you with vehicles that get the job done and creating lease agreements that help you get ahead. Contact us today to begin your search!


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