Newcomer Leasing for New Canadians

By: Somerville Auto   |   22 Feb 2019
Two people shake hands while a newcomer to canada signs a leasing agreement


The transition is almost complete -- you’ve settled into your new position at work, you found the perfect condo, and now all that’s left is to select a vehicle. Somerville Auto is here to make the car-finding process as easy as possible, with countless customizable lease options available as only an independent lease company can offer. Let Somerville help you seek out the best transportation solution for you as you embark on your next chapter.


Why Independent is Better

Unlike the one-size-fits-all leasing terms that you’ll find at most dealerships, independent leasing companies have far more to offer the consumer. Instead of grouping all of our customers together, we aim to tailor each agreement to the client in front of us, leaving you with the best arrangement for your situation as someone looking to lease a vehicle after immigrating.

Aspects that we have the ability to control include annual mileage limits, leasing terms and future buyout amounts. We also offer a vast selection of vehicles that you’ll be hard-pressed to come by elsewhere.


Build Credit in the Process

For anyone new to Canada, leasing a vehicle can be a great way to establish new credit. While no credit history can be a positive attribution in some areas of the world, in Canada, no credit is viewed as undesirable to lenders. Leasing through Somerville can give you a safe and dependable way to obtain a high credit score -- something that will prove to be extremely valuable throughout your time in this country.


Choose the Simple Lease Solution

If a streamlined process that’s catered to your lifestyle is what you’re looking for, Somerville Auto delivers. Better yet, our GTA location means that you’ll know exactly who to contact at any point during your lease term should questions arise. Other companies just can’t offer that kind of in-person service, and we are proud to provide a personal touch to your vehicle-leasing experience.

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