The Perks of Buying Used Tow Trucks

By: Abby Clark   |   30 Apr 2019
A medium-duty Hino tow truck sits on a road in Toronto

Why Choose a Pre-Owned Tow Truck

If you’re looking to add a tow truck to your fleet, choosing a used vehicle can be a savvy way to save your business money. Pre-owned tow trucks have the strength needed to get the job done but often sell for thousands less than their new counterparts. Somerville Auto is the GTA’s source for new and used tow trucks, offering both modified pickups and medium-duty Hino trucks. Trying to determine whether you should buy new or used? Learn more about the benefits of obtaining a pre-owned tow truck, allowing you to make an informed decision.

The Difference Between New and Used

The main difference between buying a new or pre-owned tow truck is obvious -- a used truck has already been driven for some time while a new one has not. What is less obvious is the fact that choosing a used tow truck does not greatly limit your selection. At Somerville Auto, we are able to source vehicles from all over the country because we are an independent leasing company. For small businesses, this is great news because it means we are only focused on your company’s needs throughout the process, not the interests of one specific brand.

It’s no surprise that purchasing a used tow truck can save you money, but it can also prove to be a time saver, as well. Pre-owned pickups such as the Chevrolet 3500 that have been used for towing are already fitted with the right parts, as are larger medium-duty vehicles from the industry. Having the truck ready as soon as you purchase it enables you to put it to use immediately, maximizing your business’ productivity.

A large white tow truck sits in Somerville Auto's North York lot

Whether you decide on new or used, your tow truck will be considered a capital asset and a portion of its value will be tax deductible each year. This leaves your company with better equipment and even more ways to cut end-of-year costs. If you’re ready to begin your pre-owned tow truck search, contact our team at Somerville Auto and find the right solution for your Toronto business.


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