Planning Ahead When Purchasing an Electric Fleet

By: Somerville Auto   |   27 Dec 2022

As businesses work on getting their ducks in a row heading into 2023, building a fleet of commercial vehicles you can rely on should be right at the top of the list. Any good business owner knows the importance of planning business practices well in advance, and the new year is a great opportunity to do so. In fact, depending on your industry, the beginning of the year might be your slowest in terms of sales, giving you lots of time to upgrade your fleet – especially if you’re contemplating going electric. As the GTA’s premiere destination for electric fleet leasing services, here are a few tips we’d suggest to help you plan ahead when purchasing an electric fleet.

Factory Pre-Orders

When you pre-order a vehicle fleet, you don’t have to worry about the pickup trucks you’ve been eyeing being out of stock or having to select from what the dealerships think will be the most popular. Pre-ordering from the factory allows you to easily order your fleet vehicles in bulk, all with similar configurations that best suit the needs of your business. And with fleet vehicle production on the decline these days, it’s important to get your fleet going as early as possible.

Many dealers will only provide the option of factory pre-orders on a quarterly basis, meaning you’ll have to get in early before the deadline. At Somerville Auto, we have great standing connections with dealerships and factories that span all over North America, so you’ll never have to worry about barriers like low inventory.

EV Charging Solutions

When it comes to electric vehicle fleets, other ways of planning ahead include solidifying your business’ access to EV charging stations. As with any change in fleet operations, changes in your charging infrastructure can come with significant upfront costs, which is another reason to plan accordingly. Not only do these new electric vehicles require specific charging points (which are different from standard plug sockets), but you’ll also have to account for the time required for charging. It can take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours for an electric vehicle to recharge, depending on the capacity of your charging points—whereas a standard vehicle can be refuelled quickly at any standard filling station.

Here at Somerville Auto, we work in partnership with ChargePoint to make the transition easy. You can easily optimize the fuelling needs of your electric fleet with ChargePoint’s AC & DC fast-charging stations and fleet management software. Combined with Somerville Auto’s fleet leasing solutions, keeping your commercial fleet charged is simpler than ever before.

Lease 2023 Fleet Vehicles with Somerville Auto

With sustainability becoming a growing concern, more and more Canadian businesses are choosing to go electric with their commercial fleets. So getting it done as early as possible is key!

Here at Somerville Auto, we’re committed to helping businesses build and manage their fleet while supporting their transition into electric vehicles. As one of the few leasing centres in the GTA to offer electric vehicle fleet leasing, we have access to a wide range of popular EV makes and models. Contact our leasing experts to learn more about your electric vehicle options.


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