Why Sommerville is the Best Place to Lease Commercial Vehicles

By: Somerville Auto   |   30 Sep 2019
BMW commercial Vehicle

Building and maintaining a company is a painstaking task. Our goal at Somerville Auto is to simplify how your business obtains work trucks, vans or entire commercial fleets. We’ve built our independent leasing company around helping other Toronto businesses expand their operations and we have the knowledge and experience to help you take your company to the next level. 

Fleet Experience and Knowledge

Somerville has more than 60 years in the auto industry behind us. In this time, we’ve managed to build meaningful partnerships with companies all over North America. This large network allows us to source out the exact commercial vehicles that your company needs and even obtain multiple trucks or cargo vans upfitted for a specific trade at one time. Instead of business owners having to find multiple units at varying locations, Somerville saves you time by putting your fleet together for you using the best selection on the market. 


We’re able to handle your fleet from selection through to upfitting and servicing, saving you time and money. Plus, because we aren’t attached to one specific manufacturer, we can advise our clients based on their need -- not by how many units we need to sell. 


work vans in your budget

Work Vans in Your Budget

Working with Somerville also gives you the advantage of volume purchasing power along with access to top-of-the-line Hino trucks of all sizes through our partner dealership, Somerville Hino.


We work hard to get you a fair price on your commercial vehicle, freeing up your finances for other business costs. Choosing to lease your next van or truck often cuts monthly costs over purchasing and allows you the freedom to upgrade without any hassle at the end of your term. 


From landscape companies looking for light-duty trucks with crew cabs to butchers needing an entire fleet of refrigerated cargo vans, Somerville is equipped to help your business find the right vehicles to get the job done. 

Commercial Van Upfitting

We can help you customize your commercial van or truck with shelves, racks, drawers, cabinets and more, turning a basic vehicle into a mobile repair shop in no time. Our experienced Parts and Service Department can order and install a wide variety of accessories to suit all manner of trades and industries.


We have experience building trucks designed for mobile construction work, pool builders, electricians and HVAC, glaziers, and beyond. From delivery to carrying your important working materials, we’re able to design and upfit the idea cargo van to drive whatever you need to accomplish your goals.


If you’re looking for commercial vehicles, speak with one of Sommerville’s fleet leasing experts first. A consult with us could save you time and money while giving your business better-quality, properly-equipped work trucks or vans. Contact us today to learn more.

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